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In June 2017, I launched an online magazine aimed at people who are aware of environmental issues, but need a little help in making more green lifestyle choices.

Below is an excerpt of one article entitled, The Importance of Biodiversity. The article discusses why the audience could and perhaps, should, care about the degredation to coral reefs. Content is linked to other relevant articles which also show why to care about these issues, how readers can help and how their buying choices can impact climate change in a positive way.

The Importance of Biodiversity

And why  you should care about coral reefs

In a nut shell: richly varied ecosystems make for strong networks of healthy animals, plants (and humans), who can survive when faced with disease, individual extinctions and changes in climate. On a global scale, ecosystems become entwined in the web of life and all of us rely on this web to survive, even the most of us who live in cities. 

The Brazilian rainforest as a richly varied and diverse ecosystem, and losing one minor species might not affect that particularly diverse environment in a major way. But the effect will most certainly be to weaken it, and will never be positive.

But if you lose one species essential to almost all of the inhabitants’ survival, like the trees, then you are looking at potential collapse of a whole environment. And that can cause tremors of repercussions on a far greater scale…

Read the full article here.

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