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Love Reading 4 Kids is the biggest review site for children’s literature, and Maya earned the ‘Indie Books We Love’ badge!

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“This delightful little picture book that the author Lucy Munday created in order to highlight the effects of environmental damage to our planet is illustrated attractively in bold and bright colours, the message is clear but is not communicated in a way that would be distressing to young children. Each time Maya encounters a problem, the question DO YOU KNOW? follows, enabling discussion. At the end of the story there is further information about the three threats to the environment visited in the book, together with a useful website. This book would be a very useful addition to an infant school library, providing a helpful introduction to this subject matter in a gentle way.”

Val Rowe, LoveReading4Kids Ambassador

A wonderful book. Firstly the illustrations: Very child-friendly, easy to access, lovely colour and I particularly like the way that the plastic is quietly there in the background in each scene. Very interactive. The story itself: I found the writing perfect for children. Simple, short sentences, plenty of chances for comprehension and discussion. I hope this book, as well as teaching children about how we can help our oceans and our planet as a whole, will also remind adults that we need to do something. A wonderful book.

Amanda O’Dwyer, Love Reading 4 Kids Expert Reviewer

This is an excellent little story to help younger children understand Climate and Environmental changes. The drawings are lovely, and by engaging with the reader it helps them to understand how and why these things happen. A nice story just to read, but also one on another level to make them think.

Maureen Gourley

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From @_book__blogger_: ‘Maya in the Rubbish sea’ is a wonderful book for little readers that teaches them how to protect underwater animals, how to take care our nature, how to be more careful towards Ocean life.’

3 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Such a beautifully illustrated book with a wonderful storyline to entrance and inform your little ones about a very important topic. It takes a prized place on our shelf to be loved for many years to come!


  2. Amazing book really captures the imagination. Beautifully illustrated and love how you have printed on recycled paper. Lovely story bedtime favourite for my 3 year old


  3. A thought provoking story that is just the right balance of reality and magic for children. A positive tale that shows the consequences of bad choices and how they can be rectified. That mistakes can and have been made in the past, but can be corrected. It enables children to investigate the current situations in our Oceans in a sensitive and gentle way, laying a foundation of appreciation for Mother Earth and the responsibly we have for the Ocean life that doesn’t have a voice or choice in the destruction of their habitats. Educational but delivered in a fun way with character that children will adore, my big girl who is 3 years old loved Finn and constantly asked for a fish as a pet after reading this ha!

    Quality wise, the paperback book is great and a nice size for little hands (easy for even my youngest 21 month old to flick through independently). The illustrations are beautiful and really helped my girls to engage with the story.

    A brilliant bedtime read! Recommend.


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